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Contracted Insurance Companies

Our offices are contracted with all major insurance companies.

Due to the Affordable Care Act, there are particular plans inside a contracted insurance company that do not list us as a preferred provider.  Each insurance company offers thousands of different plans for the consumer to choose from, all with different networks of providers.  This is driven by the Insurance companies.  So when choosing your plan, you must have access to a Provider Directory for that particular plan, and you must make sure we are in it.  Neither our office or the doctor's office have any control over this.

For example, if you have an Anthem card, we will accept you and see you, you are ultimately responsible to make sure we are in your network otherwise all non-covered services will be your responsibility.

Please see the below definitions when choosing your plan for the new year.  

SoundClinic DOES NOT accept Medicare or Medicaid plans.  


The amount you have to pay out of pocket for expenses before the insurance company will cover remaining costs.


Percentage that insurance does not cover. For example a 70/30 insurance plan means that the insurance pays 70% of allowed amount and the patient pays 30%. This typically comes into play after you have met your deductible.


Fixed fee for your office visit that is due from patient at time of service. Depended on services received, coinsurance or deductible may still be owed on additional services outside of standard office visit.

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